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Sadma – Sridevi – Kamal Haasan – Smitha Superhit Hindi Full Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Watch Sadma – Sridevi – Kamal Haasan – Smitha Superhit Hindi Full Movie – (With Eng Subtitles) HD Online Here on watchonline123movies.com
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Sadma - Sridevi - Kamal Haasan - Smitha Superhit Hindi Full Movie - (With Eng Subtitles)

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Sadma – Sridevi – Kamal Haasan – Smitha Superhit Hindi Full Movie – (With Eng Subtitles) 123movies

A young woman receives a head injury in an automobile accident and becomes like a six-year-old. She leaves the hospital unattended and ends up in a brothel. She is rescued by a young man who takes her to his home in the mountains. Meanwhile her parents and the police are looking for her and just as she is cured they come to take her back to Bombay


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  1. what a movie…..
    aise end ki ummid na thi…kamal sir u did tremendous
    part-2 banana hi chahiye tha

  2. Aaj ke Itihaas mein shayad hi aisi movie dekhne ko milegi because bollywood ab garbage movie banata hai

  3. Subtitle indonesia ngga ada ?

  4. very bad movie.

  5. Can someone please tell me why the hell was silk smitha cast in this movie???
    It was absolutely unnecessary.


    That is kamal,,he is special soul of the world,,

  7. Very emotional and heart touching Movie😔

  8. I love the ending…but I think ek or ending ho skti hai jisme Kamal sir sadme ki vjha se pgl ho jaye or Sridevi ko Kamal yaad aa jaye or vo vps aa jaye or Puri zindagi pgl Kamal ki dekhbaal kre….Jese Kamal ne kri…but Kamal kabhi sadme se na ubr paye ye ending or jyda tragic hogi dono ke liye….

  9. Just saw the ending , what an performance …

  10. Dammm ….the end bakwaassss

  11. worst ending ever. we all know that they r only a character who play role.. n its not real but still we cry n pray for them.. so emotional I CNT stop crying..

  12. Best movie

  13. Poor soul! It maybe a movie and to get the tragedy scene, it's all acceptable. But, I have made an observation that really brought disgust in me for Sridevi and her parents role in this movie. Imagine you are a parent and you lost your girl due to some freak nature and your beloved girl goes missing for over 3 years in her state of dementia like in the movie. Now she goes through some serious problems. She is found in a whore house where men take advantage of her. God knows what evil could have happened to her. She couldn't have recovered from her dementia for life. Then the protagonist Kamal Hassan comes to rescue Sridevi and takes care of her like a gentleman. He has no family and he thinks of starting it with her. But, when Sridevi regains her memory and when her parents come to meet her, they are made aware that a kind hearted person took care of their beloved daughter.
    Now tell me honestly, if she was your daughter and it pained you to know that she might be unsafe. And when you found her. Don't you think it's your utmost priority to wait till Kamal Hassan arrives and show that gentleman your deepest gratitude and inquire every little details of the whereabouts of your daughter. If need be know what difficulties he faced while their daughter was in his care and protection. But, they were found busy chasing the morning train back to delhi. Come on ! Are you serious ? I could have let go thousands of trains just so that I could show my humble thanks and concern for the man who took care of my daughter. I found their parents a breed of foul and filthy stock who doesn't have an ounce of conscience or moral obligation towards a human being who protected their daughter from any untoward incident. The parents where such lousy and pathetic humans that their upbringing could be reflected in the way Sridevi threw a packet of food on Kamaal Hassan while he was following her in his madness, thinking he was some mad beggar.
    If this would have happened in real life, it would have been a shame on humanity. I wish every parent who goes through such situations must behave in a responsible manner and think over about my comment. If you agree on my view please feel free to share your opinions.

  14. بدنا ياه مترجم ياجماعة

  15. One of nice Indian classic

  16. best movie

  17. Heart touching movie…. 👌 great work. one of d bestest movie ever.

  18. i hv feeling from starting why he is calling her resmi….may be he should use her real name😢😢

  19. Sridevi. . . Just fantastic. All time favourite. Ultimate actress.wants to see more her in movies. Can't be ignored her.

  20. Movie acche hai par ending acche nahi thi

  21. plis aplod nawrng full movie plis plis

  22. story abhi complete nahi huhi hai 2 part lao please. is film ka and very emotional hai. supper movie

  23. Bht sunder movie hay yeh to…….

  24. decent boss. superb.. i reach 15 year ago

  25. Women! Trust only mother and sister.

  26. grt movie and in my opinion kamal hassan is one of the best actors to come out of tamil industry ever.

  27. Need 2nd part for happy ending😭

  28. heart touching movie…..

  29. çok gözəl

  30. Awesome movie

  31. Kamal Hassan and Shridevi life time the best acting….
    I enjoyed..
    if others were there in this movie, i would have been watched this movie 10 min…
    Thank u so much

  32. very Heart teaching movi

  33. not happy ending

  34. not happy ending

  35. bilkul bogus movie
    pura time kharab hua

  36. what a wonderful movie… what a story and then acting… kamal sir and sridevi both have done is very naturally.. one of my fav movies.. have seen it 6 times

  37. I love dis movie…

  38. Main pagal ho gya hoon is movie ko dekhkar

  39. I am speechless,,,,,but why this ending

  40. this is the best movie of the earth

  41. Thankfully he still has Silk Smita :p

  42. Amazing movie amazing story but sad ending make me cry 😢

  43. sach mai is ka 2 nd part banana chhaiye

  44. sach mai is ka 2 nd part banana chhaiye

  45. it's painful

  46. wow… amazing movie.

  47. Kamal ji is a legend..wat a movie n acting by both Kamal ji n sridevi …sridevi is just flawless…. class apart…this movie is a classic

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