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Free Full Movies – Thriller / Drama ” Intuition” – Free Wednesday Movies

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Free Full Movies - Thriller / Drama

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Free Full Movies – Thriller / Drama ” Intuition” – Free Wednesday Movies 123movies

Free Full Movies – Thriller / Drama ” Intuition” – Free Wednesday Movies
Intuition takes place with workaholic relationship therapist, Dr. David Francis, who tries to help Kenny deal with his trust issues. The Doctor fails to realize his patient is having an affair with his finance Karen.
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  1. how she come out with the same towel for both men

  2. I luv kenny at this point

  3. Kenny look lik Avant

  4. Kenny is fine come to the UK I will take care of u

  5. i watched it and it was good asl and i got the meaning to it and the ending made sense! good work!

  6. observation .number nine 9 not for nigger poeple .

  7. How could that been a twin when he introduced his wife to him. An they had a talk and he asked her about him an she was like that's over he means nothing.

  8. Для детей то что надо!Спасибо вам большое!

  9. Chennessy & Trey 4 Ever

    boring ass movie

  10. ❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Yo this movies was the bomb better pay attention to your relationship

  12. First off, It seems like they cast all their friends… It was hard to get into the story when the entire cast is 25 years old. Second, the storyline 🙁

  13. This movie bored me for the 30 mimutes i watched it

  14. Lol he killed her sister …maybe the shot didn't kill kenni

  15. your storyline is always great. but your actors really need to improve.

  16. Where subtitles for deaf?!!!!! 😠

  17. Awesome movie😍😍😍😍

  18. Why did he got lock up if he didn't kill anyone? N there's no other sister becuz Kenny ask the girl what about her husband n she said she took care of it. It's a great movie but very confusing.

  19. What's up with the ending I don't get it

  20. click now! watching me show!!

  21. This movie is crazy it is what it is what comes around goes around …karma

  22. checkmate

  23. They have some good movies on here and I must say for the pass week i have looked at more movies on here then my cable at home. I tell any one about the good movies on here.

  24. the Doctor needs acting lessons lol

  25. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏽👍🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏽

  26. The film was a mesmerizing surprise! It was a complex script and story and I think it was well acted by everyone. The main lead had a difficult character to portray..all the actors were excellent..Good for everyone!!!

  27. Guys does anyone knows the songs played in this movie?

  28. If Kenny wasn't sleeping with Karen , wtf were they talking about when he said "you coulda showed love at my art show" right after that she was talking bout leaving her man and she ain't care about him ? Or am I the only one noticed ?

  29. Okay So Basically He had an affair with the wifes twin sister if you notice at the art gallery he met the wife but then it switches back to the twin at his house the have diffrent hair styles pay attention to the hair

  30. Waiting for the real ending.

  31. Kenny is sooo handsomee

  32. Nice movie😍😍😍

  33. My love for blacks tho.😍😘 Dis Kenny guy is breathtaking, so dope!😍😍😍

  34. This movie is wack af..he has no emotions period

  35. ok , i am so confuse right now . can someone make it clear to me plz.

  36. I was watching the Halle Berry wedding movie and cannot find it

  37. Psychological drama with a twist. Very beautiful. Fuck load of confusion. Not everything is as it seems. People bury their problems behind everything they can use to keep their life going.

  38. The movie was solid, I loved it, but I had to watch it two times to full grasp, and at the gallery it was then I knew it was two chicks..Now, my only concern is if they added a small hint in the description of the film, because 1.Then it's just random af, after the last sentence in the description it should of added something way stronger. At least have us amp, and curious because it was just thrown in our face, since we thinking his wife is having an affair. It was just SOLD poorly…Secondly, it's unfortunate that this movie could of been a smash theater hit if the production was more solid…It was shot well, but the
    editing was kind of choppy, and audio wasn't consistent that drive some
    audiences annoying as a film-maker I just feel the need to address this,
    the movie was REALLY good, I just think some elements could of been
    stronger, I'm sure this would of been quality work for theaters
    honestly…People should consider remaking it 🙂 For that at least…I give this film a B- for all that. Well done.

  39. This movie good but the ending hilarious 😂😂😂😂that was a crazy twist

  40. I knew she had a twin..ghe hair texture was different

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