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Dor Full Movie | Hindi Movies | Shreyas Talpade Movies

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Dor Full Movie | Hindi Movies | Shreyas Talpade Movies 123movies

Dor Shankar Singh and his wife, Meera, live in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India along with widowed paternal grandmother, Laxmibai, his mom, Gowri, and dad, Randhir. The family feel that they are blessed after Meera’s entry in this family. Shankar must go and abroad in Saudi Arabia and bids farewell to Meera, promising to keep in touch, which he does, and also sends them a large portion of his earnings, which is used to pay off the family’s debts. Then when no word is received from him, a worried Meera phones, and is devastated to learn that Shankar has been killed by being thrown off a 10th floor balcony. Her status quickly changes, her jewelery, ornaments, fancy clothes are taken off, and she is told to remain indoors. wear dark clothes, and is only allowed to pray at a Mandir. Things brighten up for Meera when she befriends an Islamic woman, Zeenat, who has come all the way from Himachal Pradesh to look for her husband, Amir Khan. Shortly thereafter, Meera’s world is turned upside down when …

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  1. Shant picture h
    2.i am kalam
    3. Lutera (2013)
    4. Highway
    5.Nanhe jaiselmer

  2. Gul panag

  3. God please help women

  4. love this movie…..fab

  5. The message at 1:58:29 on not taking too much pride in your suhaag one day you might be on this side of the fence !!!

  6. Itani shandaar movie hai jaise hamare ganv ki hai

  7. broked and freedom in search of strange sunshine

  8. The movie made me crazy…its directly touch my heart ..i have seen many movies in my life but non of those made me emotionally like this …really ….mene apni puri life me esi movie nhi dekhi…or end to itna dard dene wala tha …mujhe pta hi nhi chala ansu kab nikal pade…😢😢😢😰😰

  9. i was really afraid what will happen to meera, but when zeenat give her hand sudden it's also give another hope for meera to get her own freedom..

  10. Muslim law giving immense power to women as opposed to inhumane practices/teachings of Hinduism against women.

  11. Hart touching story and song.very nice.

  12. i hv no words….awsm

  13. cant stop my tears at the end..

  14. What an end💕💕

  15. Jitna hosla Allah Tallah be mard ko diya he us se kahi zyada aurat ko diya he is liye aurat ka maqam hamesha se buland raha he lekin koi ilaqy ase hein jahan aurat ki koi value ni🙁 but overall out class movie👌👌

  16. one of the best movie

  17. Superb script…beautifully directed…brilliant acting

  18. heart touching story

  19. good acting all as well


  21. Very nice movie

  22. Apna barnali chennal

    kia story hai nice movie…

  23. very nice

  24. super duper film😘😘😘😘😘

  25. Such a wonderful simple and lovely movie!! The end of the movie without dialogues still says so much! amazing climax..they both receive something in the end 🙂

  26. tq for sharing this good movie

  27. Avnet,

  28. Small act but great impact story of life .. DOR of life brings you down but teaches you more and more <3

  29. grand ! brilliant !

  30. one of the finest movie of Bollywood

  31. One of the best films ever made!

  32. A simple beautiful script well acted and presented. Macho grande

  33. sad😭

  34. thank for your video, i love this

  35. thank for your video, i love this

  36. thank for your video, i love this

  37. masya allah… best film in india ever i seen… love dor

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